About Us

About us

Yıldırım Metal started manufacturing by producing spare parts for Temsa Automotive between 1987-1993. Contributing to the Gaziantep industry with the manufacture of drawer rails in 1993, it has served in many parts of Turkey by working with the hardware sector. In 2000, it started to manufacture market and industrial shelves in the 2nd type workplace in Gaziantep Küsget Industry site, and in 2004, it continued to contribute to the country"s economy with its dealers in many regions of Turkey and its service network extending to neighboring countries in the factory on a 2000 square meter land opposite the Timber site.

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Greengrocer's Departments
Building Market Shelving Systems
Gros Market Shelving Systems
Lightweight Rack Shelving System
3 Leg Shelving System
Back to Back Shelving System

Our References

Some of our References

Medical Park Has. (G.Antep)
Mesçi Grup
Seç Market
Aksa Jeneratör
Cevizli Kırtasiye
Türk Hava Yolları
Adnan A.Ş.